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New modern UI

Work in progress Current user interface is more or less 5 years old and it is showing its age. Also there are some usability issues that are difficult to solve with the current...


Audio to text transcriptions

Work in progress It would be great to have automatic text version of any audio or video clip that is uploaded. This text version could be then translated and also be part of...


Possibility to anonymise several users at the same time.

New When you have deleted users from your workspace and would like to anonymize all deleted users, you have to anonymize them one by one. It would be good if you...


Ability for participant to leave workspace

Backlog Currently only way to delete participants from workspaces is when it is done by admins. This is usually fine, but at some cases (for example courses with self registration) it...


Possibility to add subtitles to videos

Work in progress It would be great to have possibility to add subtitles to videos. There should be possibility to define language of the subtitles, so user can choose which language they want...


Free text search

Backlog It would be great to have possibility to search across the workspace (or even multiple workspaces).



We published this Apr 26, 2023

Done Especially when workspace has participants from different countries and language skills, it would be awesome feature to be able to translate all content to the language participant choses itself. Origin...


New API endpoints

New A few ideas for endpoints to the API: Create a new userlist Delete a userlist Get list of users in an exisiting userlist Add users to a existing userlist Edit...


Ability to change profile picture for all workspaces

Backlog As per Antti requested, here's my idea from Howspace Innovate with us -page:There should be a way to add my picture in some core settings where it would apply to...


Task widget

New I know Howspace is not meant for project management, but I have several times encountered the need to keep track of activities from week to week. Like if a person...


Journey map / process map

Work in progress New widget that allows easy way to visualize process and where we are at the process currently. Without any image editing I should be able to produce something like this:...


Duplicate a folder

New I wish that I could duplicate an entire folder in my workplace. It would be useful tool for our community.


Support for selling access to workspaces

New It would be great if workspace access could be sold directly from workspace. Even better, if that would support monthly recurring billing - in addition to one-time fees. This would...


Visual themes

Backlog To make the workspace creation faster, allowing organizational default themes to be set. More customized look & feel for the customers. Allow users to create & save themes to make...


Anonymous Super Chat

We published this Apr 12, 2023

Done Sometimes you really need anonymity in discussion. It needs to be impossible for admins and other participants to find out who is commenting and liking the comments in certain super...


Leaderboard widget

We published this Feb 22, 2023

Done Widget that shows a list of most active participants. Possibility to tweak the parameters that affect to that list (comments, likes, etc).


Howspace Free

We published this Feb 22, 2023

Done Freemium version of Howspace would be excellent thing for many organizations who are testing Howspace. 


Social login

We published this Nov 15, 2022

Done It would be convenient to offer Google, Microsoft and Apple login options for participants, in addition to email login links.


QR code login

We published this Oct 25, 2022

Done Especially in live events it can be clumsy to use email logins. It would be superhandy, if it would be possible to gain access to workspace just by using QR...


MS Teams Integration

We published this Mar 27, 2023

Done MS Teams is probably the most popular video meeting and collaborating platform there is. Adding Howspace as an official app that could be used inside Teams and especially in Teams...


Workspace Templates

We published this Oct 18, 2022

Done Organizations often use same workspaces over and over again. Currently it is possible by duplicating workspaces, but this method doesn't scale well. It would be great to be able to...


Email templates

New Currently when you are sending an email, you can choose previously sent email as a draft: This is a great feature, but has some limitations: If there are lots of...


Prioritization Widget

New A visual tool where you for example have 5-10 options horizontally or vertically in the assignment and you can move these options with your own cursor to the right order....



New Would be great to have emoji's for Superchat!


Google Drive Widget

New The widget would integrate a Google Drive folder. This would take care of setting the permissions and the embed code. Many users do not want to go through the steps...


Admin space/admin container

New It is a regular container that is shown only for the admins. It is a handy way to embed instructions and facilitator collaboration within the context of a page. Critical...


Show in login screen how many participants there is and how many allowed

New Sometimes Howspace is used as a course platform and then there is a certain amount of "places" per course. In the login/registration view it would be handy if it would...


Mark a new page

New Hi, is it possible to mark a new added page onto the WS with a dot, "new-text" or something else. Right now I'm having a library with lot of folders/pages.It...

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