Ability for participant to leave workspace

Currently only way to delete participants from workspaces is when it is done by admins. This is usually fine, but at some cases (for example courses with self registration) it would be very handy to offer possibility for participant to leave the workspace.

This would probably need to completely delete (in our context anonymize) user profile, so this would be also GDPR compliant at the same time.

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Antti Peisa 4.4.2023 13:43 Edited: 11.4.2023 12:44

We decided to implement this as a part of new UI project.

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Milla Ranta 29.9.2023 05:52 Edited: 29.9.2023 05:54

Hi, would it be possible to have the User Management button as a widget?
The button needs some setting options for the admin: e.g. the participant or selected participants can delete themselves or others --> That could also enable the subscriber-person of the customer organization to manage participants without access rights to the workspace.
It could also be used, for example, as the last button on the final exam path, in which case the participant has no choice but to leave the workspace to finish the course.

Antti Peisa
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4.4.2023 13:10, Antti Peisa

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