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Antti Peisa 4.5.2023 06:38 Edited: 4.7.2023 06:14

Currently when you are sending an email, you can choose previously sent email as a draft:

This is a great feature, but has some limitations:

  • If there are lots of emails send, it gets very busy and it is difficult to find correct email
  • It's not supported by templates, since copying sent emails needs to copy the admins also (the sender)

It would be great, if Workspace Settings => Emails would have one more tab "Email templates", where you could write new email templates, without the need to send them. It would be just the subject and message fields. These templates would then be available in the same modal view where you can choose the "Scheduled emails" or "Sent emails" as a draft (see above screenshot).

Ola Jubelin, IDG
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Ola Jubelin, IDG 10.7.2023 23:24 Edited: 11.7.2023 09:33

It would be really good if emails (and their templates) could also use images in the emails. Templates + images would have wide use cases in my mind. 

Antti Peisa
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Under consideration

4.5.2023 06:38, Antti Peisa

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