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The widget would integrate a Google Drive folder. This would take care of setting the permissions and the embed code. Many users do not want to go through the steps to create embed codes with sharing the folder to the public.

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Thanks Douglas! It can actually be done already to the Embed widget, but it is pretty complicated. We will take a look if there could be an easier solution. 

Douglas Gilbert
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Douglas Gilbert 29.5.2023 09:35 Edited: 7.6.2023 09:34

Yes, I do it already with embedding but the whole permissions process with Google is rather clunky. 

Having this would allow me to deploy Howspace in a few places where I am now using Notion.  For example, as a use case, I am working with a group of academics on a paper for a conference in August 2024.

  • We will have numerous preliminary and draft documents, which we will likely use Google Docs. This will follow an Agile flow with meetings every three weeks.
  • The current embed feature requires me to publish the directory to the web, which opens up it to too many potential users.
  • Flowing the permissions through Howspace would restrict this and allow attribution of comments, which is important as well.
Antti Peisa
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Under consideration

23.5.2023 20:09, Douglas Gilbert

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