Possibility to mark comments unread and/or integration with Slack

This functionality would help users ensure they are not missing out on a conversation in workspaces due to their hectic schedules. When logging into a workspace and seeing the unread comments & mentions, one rarely knows how wide the topic discussed is, and how much time it will take to give meaningful input to the conversations. Going back to the specific discussion later on requires some brain power, whereas the functionality to mark comments unread would ease it out. 

Another alternative, or addition to this, would be the possibility to add a Slack integration. This way one could get a notification to Slack on a comment where they have been mentioned, and they can mark this notification unread until they actually have taken the appropriate time to participate in the dialogue in the workspace.

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Antti Peisa 8.9.2023 06:57 Edited: 12.9.2023 13:25

Yes, I definitely agree with the problem - if you don't react right away, it might be difficult to remember or even find the relevant discussion again.

Maybe a third solution would be something like "bookmarking" or "save for later" for comments/widgets, then it would keep a list for you. So in addition to "like", you could "remember" or "save" comments and then easily find those later.

Slack-integration which would just tell "You were mentioned in this discussion" and link there would be super helpful too. It could work with the "remember" feature also, Slack app could tell you "You wanted to remember this discussion: link".

Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO, Howspace
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7.9.2023 12:31, Elisa Hyvönen

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