Product Updates

January & February, 2024

Product development focus on the New Howspace

For the past year our main focus on product development has been the new version of Howspace. With this launch we will take the experience of involving people in transformation on a whole new level! Important part of the new Howspace is the UI. The technical performance will be even more reliable, and one main focus has been helping the new admin users to get started quicker and easier.

  • The new Howspace will give significantly improved visual editing possibilities and a new set of opportunities for branding of workspaces for our customers.
  • The new Howspace is designed to be accessible & inclusive. We will improve the accessibility significantly based on our customers requests.
  • Additionally, we are improving and launching completely new AI features, and we are renewing our template and learning offerings


Enhancements to transcriptions

This upgrade significantly improves the usability and flexibility of transcriptions for both audio and video content. With a focus on accuracy, ease of navigation, and user control, we're taking your transcription experience to the next level.

  • Timestamped Transcriptions: Transcriptions are now split into convenient timestamps. This allows users to easily locate and jump to specific parts of their audio or video files while playing the media, making navigation through content more intuitive and efficient.
  • Language Detection and Retranscription: Understanding that language misidentification can occasionally occur, we've introduced the ability to retranscribe content if the initially detected language was incorrect.


New translation language: Icelandic

We're excited to announce that we're continually expanding our range of translation languages to better meet your needs, driven by your valuable suggestions. The latest addition to our language selection is Icelandic. If the language you require isn't currently available, we encourage you to let us know by submitting a request at:


Summary visual update

Responding to both our insights and your valuable feedback, we've updated the default text size in AI Summaries to ensure a smoother fit across various container and screen sizes. This refinement aims to enhance readability and user experience on any device.

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