Product Updates

May 2024, The New Howspace

The New Howspace has been released!

It’s finally here: the New Howspace, a platform designed to transform the way you engage, collaborate, and lead! We’ve reimagined almost everything from the ground up to help you seamlessly connect every element of your transformation journey.

New Look and Feel

The New Howspace enables you to effortlessly create engaging content such as polls, surveys, and dialogues, bringing your ideas to life with simplicity. It also allows you to tailor your workspaces to match your needs, improving the participant experience. Our revamped user interface allows you to create experiences that resonate with your audience, setting a new standard for user engagement. The key aspects of our new look and feel are:

  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Customizability

Ease of Use

We’ve reimagined the Howspace experience to make the user journey smoother and more intuitive. By redesigning our information architecture, we’ve streamlined how you manage workspaces, making navigating simpler. Editing your workspaces and pages is easier and can be done with fewer clicks.

We’ve also brought the tools you use most directly to your fingertips and optimized the admin experience to improve efficiency, for example, by making it easier to invite new users and streamlining functions that are repeated.

These overall updates ensure that every interaction with the platform is straightforward, allowing you to focus more on what matters–involvement and engagement.


We understand that your tools should reflect your organization’s identity. That’s why we’ve designed our platform with full customizability at its heart. You can tailor the look and feel to align with your brand, reinforcing your team’s strong sense of ownership.  

Whether it’s a 2-year strategy process or a 2-day training, it’s easy to tailor Howspace workspaces to your needs. You can define, apply, and duplicate visual themes with just a few clicks, which enables you to easily create a consistent and engaging visual identity across your workspace.

New generation of Howspace AI

Howspace’s AI boosts engagement and efficiency by streamlining content creation and enhancing data analysis, enabling teams to quickly understand insights and effortlessly tailor their workspaces for more effective engagement and decision-making.

The new Howspace is powered by a new AI engine that has drastically improved the quality and accuracy of the platform’s analytics and content. With improved word cloud and summary features, admins can quickly capture insights from discussions.

The improved AI also brings new capabilities like prompting with SuperChats, allowing admins to effectively make sense of the conversation. Additionally, AI-assisted page and widget creation provides a great starting point for crafting workspaces and pages, making the design process faster and more intuitive.

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