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Learning Contract

Get your team to share their goals and development areas around learning with each other as well as make the learning process more systematic.

    Development Teamwork Workflow

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Co-creating 4D Objectives

This is a practical goal-setting template that utilizes an appreciative inquiry-based 4D-model (Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver) in the context of a setting company or team-level objectives.

    Development Planning Strategy

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Peer Feedback

Provide employees with a way to gather feedback that is actionable, easy to digest, and focused on learning.

    Development Feedback Teamwork

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Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas template helps you get your entire business quickly defined, explained, and visualized.

    Development Planning Strategy

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Motorola Model for Reflection

Encourage participants to reflect on their work and their team with this long-successful reporting tool by Motorola.

    Development Teamwork

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ADKAR Awareness Stage Template

This is a template to execute the first stage of The ADKAR® Model of change in your organization: The Awareness stage.

    Development Sense-making Strategy

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Double diamond

The Double Diamond template helps you define what you need to solve, and then explore potential solutions — all in a collaborative way. The template offers a plug-and-play workflow for a Double Diamond process, which you can edit if needed.

    Brainstorming Development Workshop

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Network Template for Membership Organizations

Network template for unions and membership organizations.

    Development Teamwork Workshop

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Change Leader Self-Assessment

A template for leaders managing change


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