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2-Week Agile-style Sprint

Support fast learning and an interactive knowledge process by working in agile two-week sprints on Howspace.

    Planning Teamwork Workflow

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Icebreaker and Energizer Activities

This template offers a collection of different icebreaker and energizer activities and games to be used in virtual and hybrid meetings.

    Hybrid Onboarding Teamwork

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Learning Contract

Get your team to share their goals and development areas around learning with each other as well as make the learning process more systematic.

    Development Teamwork Workflow

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Idea Generation and Ranking

Activate and involve people in ideation and prioritization in one simple brainstorm session, enhanced by AI sense making.

    Brainstorming Teamwork

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Peer Feedback

Provide employees with a way to gather feedback that is actionable, easy to digest, and focused on learning.

    Development Feedback Teamwork

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The SMART Goals template will help you bring focus, clarity, and motivation to your team’s goal-setting process.

    Planning Teamwork Workflow

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Team Retros Package

Bring your team together to reflect on past work and collaborate on future improvements to ways of working and productivity!

    Feedback Meeting Teamwork

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Hybrid Team Meetings

Develop more purposeful workflows and reflections that can be done asynchronously and synchronously for hybrid teams.

    Agile Teamwork Workflow

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How Now Wow Matrix

Brainstorm ideas on future initiatives according to ease of implementation, creativity, and ROI.

    Brainstorming Teamwork Workshop

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Motorola Model for Reflection

Encourage participants to reflect on their work and their team with this long-successful reporting tool by Motorola.

    Development Feedback Teamwork

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Kanban Frameworks

Manage your workflow in a highly flexible way with the Kanban Framework template. Optimize processes and improve your team's efficiency.

    Agile Planning Teamwork

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Build People-Centric Team Culture

It's time to put people first and create a people-centric team culture. Topics: Human Concept, Feedback and Team Communication

    Sense-making Teamwork Training

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Network Template for Membership Organizations

Network template for unions and membership organizations.

    Development Teamwork Workshop

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Make Decisions Together

Create a space for people to come together to make a decision on a joint challenge


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The Heart of Transformation: a companion workspace

Learn how to build change as a capability in your organization with this robust template from Michael Leckie, author of The Heart of Transformation

    Brainstorming Strategy Teamwork

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Monthly Team Pulse

Get a quick snapshot of how the team is doing on a monthly basis.

    Development Teamwork

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