2-Week Agile-style Sprint

Support fast learning and an interactive knowledge process by working in agile two-week sprints on Howspace.

    Planning Teamwork Workflow

Multiple teams are often involved in multiple projects at once across a company. This spread of responsibilities can sometimes make it difficult to use traditional, more rigid means of structuring team tasks and priorities. Incorporating agile sprint methods can help teams become more flexible, but it does mean having different ways of orienting around priorities and tasks.

Who is this template for?

This template is designed for team leads who want to take the first step in introducing some agile ways of working to their workflows. Included are time widgets, to keep everyone on task, text widgets for instructions and explanations, and super chats for collaboration and discussion.

How is this template used?

This template is built for two-week sprints in order to maximize creativity and reduce the need for synchronous meetings to stay on task. Every Monday, you can gather to discuss goals, tasks, and any blockers, which can then be addressed asynchronously as the two weeks progress. At the end of the sprint, go over the results of your work and how you want to plan for the next two weeks.

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