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New modern UI

Work in progress
Current user interface is more or less 5 years old and it is showing its age. Also there are some usability issues that are difficult to solve with the current...

Possibility to add subtitles to videos

Work in progress
It would be great to have possibility to add subtitles to videos. There should be possibility to define language of the subtitles, so user can choose which language they want...

Free text search

Work in progress
It would be great to have possibility to search across the workspace (or even multiple workspaces).

AI prompting for super chat

Work in progress
It would be super cool to have possibility to do "AI prompts" where whole super chat dialogue is given as context. Then based on the discussion AI could be used...

Recording audio and video on Exam-widget

Work in progress
Would it be possible to have the same options for answering at Tehtävä-widget as at Superchat e.g. possibility to record audio and video directly in the widget?

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