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Antti Peisa 21.6.2023 08:03 Edited: 21.6.2023 08:15

Sometimes comment (or sticky note) is used as a category, and individual replies below should be prioritized. Likes can act as a way of giving points, but then it would be handy to see replies sorted by the number of likes.

Good alternatives for this is using super chat widget as a category or maybe something like prioritiziation widget

Here is a mockup of this feature:

Matilda Mäkitalo
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When developing this, as its now put on a dev road map, could there be the possibility to have the AI insights featues such as Theme cluster & Wordcloud to be shown based on replies + likes? 

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Can you add that as a separate idea Demet - I don't think these features are connected (from technical point of view).

This is currently on "new" list, so no final decision yet if and when this will be implemented. Small customer requests like this should flow quite a smoothly though.

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Under consideration

21.6.2023 08:03, Antti Peisa

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