New pinning feature

Louise 15.9.2023 10:07 Edited: 15.9.2023 10:08

I happily discovered the new pinning feature where you can restrict number of pins and name them - and that this goes for all pages in a pdf! Thank you, this is useful! Question: If the admin has chosen "see other pins after you have placed your own", I guess a users' pin might end up under someone elses? Or is "My pin" always on top? Also: Is it possible for users to filter the result so they can go back to only see their own pins? Which could be useful if there are a lot of pins and they want to go back to see how they pinned themselves in the beginning of a training for example. Or is that only possible for admins? 

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Matilda Mäkitalo 18.9.2023 06:40 Edited: 18.9.2023 08:44

Hi Louise, 

Happy to hear that you've discovered the new Pinning updates! If there are plenty of updates and the setting is "see other pins after you have placed your own," the pins do get stacked, especially with colored dots they can be tricky to notice as your own. The logic is that the most recent pins are "on top."  There are no possibilities for the participants to see just their own pins at the moment. The admin does have the option to set the participants to see just their own pins as you mentioned. And admin has the option to see all Pins from the "..." -menu. 

Really good points, we'll see if this could be improved 😊

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New pinning feature

Started by Louise at 15.9.2023 10:07

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