Hiding containers for specific userlist

I have 1 workspace with some pages, in which some pages are visible to certain userlists and others not. Now I want to do the same within the pages itself. Some of the content should be visible for certain userlists, other not. Is there a way to accomplish this? I don't want to duplicate pages since I need people to react to some of the same interactive widgets as well, plus it takes way more time if I need to create almost the same page per userlist (with just minor differences)

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Oskari Heimonen 14.9.2023 05:42 Edited: 26.9.2023 10:35

We don't have restrictions on visibility within pages but you can restrict 'who can answer' to specific widgets and of who can see answers. Doing this and clearly indicating who can answer what might work.

You could also use superchats in sticky note mode and dedicate one color per userlist so that it gives a clear visual que to who is able to answer what. 

Antti Peisa
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Hiding containers for specific userlist

Started by Rosalie at 12.9.2023 11:41

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