Ask Me Anything about Howspace Free!

Sanni Juoperi 16.5.2023 13:06 Edited: 30.5.2023 08:09

Hi there everyone! 

My name is Sanni Juoperi and I work with the Growth team at Howspace. 

I am the product owner for Howspace Free and would love to answer all and any questions you have about e.g.

  • Features in the Free version
  • Onboarding / How to get started
  • Improvement ideas / Feedback

If you're a Howspace Free user and would be open for a short interview about you're experience with our product, let me know that too! I am always looking forward to meeting more of our users and learning more. 

Antti Peisa
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Ask Me Anything about Howspace Free!

Started by Sanni Juoperi at 16.5.2023 13:06

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