Kanban Frameworks

Manage your workflow in a highly flexible way with the Kanban Framework template. Optimize processes and improve your team's efficiency.

    Agile Planning Teamwork

Kanban is a popular method of LEAN workflow management valued for its real-time visualization of work capacity and full transparency of the work being done. It consists of a timeline with tasks placed as cards where you can see the task status, track progress, and address any bottlenecks or impediments.

Who is the template for?

  • Teams who want to collaborate around managing their own work
  • Teams who want to manage workflows and provide transparency to other stakeholder groups

How to use the template?

Creating your Kanban board is easy with this ready-to-use template. Get started by selecting the 3- or 6-colum Kanban template, and follow the instructions in the workspace to customize it according to your organization's needs.

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