Learning Path

Engage participants in asynchronous learning processes that are simple, easy to follow, and supportive of individual ways of learning.

    Course Hybrid Workflow

This template showcases the use of the Learning Path feature in Howspace. You can use it in multiple ways, but it's at its best when you want to offer information and tasks to your participants in bite-size bits when working asychronously.

The goal of the template is to give learning facilitators a practical example of getting started with building learning content in Howspace. You can use this template as a starting point for building any type of learning process.

Who is the template for?

  • For anyone getting started with using Howspace to build learning, training and onboarding processes
  • Learning consultants & other L&D professionals

How is this template used?

This template introduces a simple example of a populated Learning Path (see page Learning Path / Example) and a blank canvas for your use. The purpose of this template is to simply get you started with creating your own Learning Path!

Official Howspace template

Created by our professionals here at Howspace.

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