Vision Workshop

An exciting workshop to embark on a transformation journey together by defining the vision for the initiative.

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Unlock your organization's full potential with our vision workshop template. Designed to kick off transformation journeys and strategic planning initiatives, this comprehensive tool provides everything you need to clarify objectives, define values, and outline strategies for future growth. 

With customizable instructions, facilitation guides, and interactive exercises, you can foster alignment, inspire creativity, and drive actionable outcomes that propel your vision forward. Start shaping your future today!


Key features:

  • Comprehensive framework for conducting vision workshops

  • Customizable templates for setting goals, defining values, and outlining strategies

  • Facilitation guide to lead productive and engaging workshops

  • Tools and exercises to stimulate creativity and foster collaboration


Use cases:

  • Kick off transformation journeys for businesses of all sizes

  • Drive strategic planning initiatives for teams and organizations

  • Align stakeholders and clarify objectives for future growth

  • Foster a shared vision and inspire action among team members



  • Gain clarity and focus on your long-term vision

  • Foster alignment and collaboration among stakeholders

  • Drive strategic initiatives with confidence and purpose

  • Empower your team to take actionable steps towards success



How customizable is the template?

The template is fully customizable.


Is there guidance on facilitating the workshop?

Yes, guidance on how to facilitate the workshop are embedded in the template but only visible to the facilitator in edit mode.


Can the template be used for virtual workshops?

Yes, the template is suitable for virtual and hybrid workshops.


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