Renewing Company Values

Start your company's values renewal process together with your whole organization with this ready-made template.

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This template is built for a company's values renewal process with focus on reviewing the values and can be used during the orientation and pre-work phase. As we believe that every value deserves our full focus, we will focus on one value at a time. Duplicate the page template for each value that you want to review.


Key features:

  • Ready-made template for company values renewal process

  • Focus on one value at a time for deep exploration and reflection

  • Space for active participation and engagement from all team members

  • Sprint-based approach for efficient and effective review of each value


Use cases:

  • Align company culture with organizational goals and vision

  • Engage employees in co-creating shared values and norms

  • Foster a sense of ownership and commitment to company values

  • Drive meaningful change and enhance organizational culture


Benefits overview:

  • Engage your entire organization in the values renewal process

  • Foster collaboration and ownership among team members

  • Drive meaningful change and enhance organizational culture

  • Make tangible progress with a sprint-based approach



How do I duplicate pages for each value?

Click on the … in the upper right corner and click on ‘Duplicate page’.


Can the template be customized to fit our organization's specific needs?

Yes, the instructions and activities can be customized to fit any needs. 


How do we ensure active participation from all team members?

Make sure to send the invitation to the workspace with enough time ahead, at least 1-2 weeks before you need it. Make sure collaborators have time to complete the activities. Send reminders to those who haven’t entered the workspace yet. 


Responsive design:

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