Prioritization for Organizations

Collaborate on company-wide initiatives and change in this facilitator-led workshop that uses AI to highlight the importance of prioritization and focus.

    AI Meeting Sense-making

Bringing large groups of people together to create a common goal can be difficult and time-consuming. Everyone has such great ideas, and making sure they're all heard and included is important to creating collaborative practices that stick. When it comes to prioritizing tasks or goals, it's no surprise that being able to focus is critical to arriving at outcomes that make sense for and to everyone.

In this multi-Step process, prioritization becomes a joint-effort where multiple stakeholders come together to contribute their ideas for the company's better future. A facilitator guides participants in thinking through the work they're doing now and what should take up focus moving forward, using the Howspace AI functions to synthesize discussions for clear sense-making at scale.

Who is this template for?

This template is for employees at the strategic and management levels who are interested in bringing people together to collaborate on company-wide goal-setting and workflow improvements, especially with respect to introducing change.

How is this template used?

This template has been designed to be used in workshops and meetings, where all participants are invited to reflect on their own work and decide where to focus to reach a common goal. Steps is a key feature here, allowing facilitators to prepare activities and content in advance and pre-program each part of the process so they can better focus on guiding collaboration in the moment.

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