Recruitment Process

Invite key stakeholders into a more collaborative and transparent hiring dialogue.


Too often, recruiters run into situations where they haven't involved everyone in the discussions when the role is being specified. Also, the team members can unintentionally feel like being out in the dark.

With this template, recruiters and/or hiring managers can facilitate the recruitment process openly and transparently (together with a supporting Application Tracking System). The template offers recruiters one convenient place for all the details and discussions that need to be had with different stakeholders and to provide transparency regarding changes and updates considering the role.

Who is the template for?

  • Recruiters and hiring teams who aim to hire collaboratively

How is this template used?

The template offers a dialogue template that can be duplicated and adjusted to solve different recruitment processes. Duplicate a new page for every role you recruit for, and use the user lists functions to give the access to the right people to the right processes.

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