Learning Contract

Get your team to share their goals and development areas around learning with each other as well as make the learning process more systematic.


In today’s work environment, learning has become one of the most important factors of competitive advantage–for both individuals and organizations. The aim of a learning contract is to make learning processes more systematic and offer self-directed organizations effective learning tools, where learning is a shared responsibility of the team.

The learning contract is a tool to support the planning of an individual’s development and involves their expectations and goals as well as history, the present moment, and the future. By making the personal learning needs of an individual visible to the team, the learning contract brings many benefits, such as making the learner the owner of the learning process and increasing motivation. Moreover, it allows the whole team to support each other in reaching their learning goals. A learning contract is an essential tool for the diverse needs of learners.

Who is the template for?

  • Self-directed organizations and teams
  • Organizations with a strong learning culture
  • In-house L&D professionals who are looking for a tool to make organizational learning more effective and inclusive

How is this template used?

The learning contract is a living document that should be revisited and discussed on regular basis within the team.

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