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Antti Peisa 18.9.2023 09:06 Edited: 18.10.2023 09:38

Quite often users for the workspace come from external source: like CRM, member registry or some other database. Usually importing users is done manually (excel or copypaste of emails). This is ok, if workspace is short living (like project) and the users doesn't change much during the process.

Sometimes there are lots changes in the users and the workspace is long living. For example unions use Howspace as a member platform for their associations. People come and go and it will get difficult and very tedious to keep users within workspace synced manually with the source database.

Currently this can be solved by using our API to add and remove users from workspaces. This always requires developer (or Zapier APP) to build and maintain the integration. In many cases it would be much more streamlined if connection to external source could be done directly from workspace. This could be similar to Excel import, but instead of uploading the file, one could configure for example SFTP access and file to fetch. It would also make sense to handle removals, so if some user is missing from external file, it will be deleted from workspace.

Oskari Ollikainen, Matilda Mäkitalo, Pål Christian Hannevig, Pauliina Venho, Ola Jubelin, IDG
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18.9.2023 09:06, Antti Peisa


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