Steps& editing widgets: Option to expand edits to affect ALL steps?

Hanna Andersson 13.9.2023 08:45 Edited: 19.9.2023 08:59

When you edit (interactive) widgets on a page that's set up in Steps mode, it's only possible to edit them separately for each step; the idea is of course that you can select different settings for each step.

But if you just need to e.g. correct a typo or rephrase something, it's frustrating to do the same fix for every step (and quite confusing for someone who isn't 100% familiar with the logic of Steps).

Another scenario could be that you've downloaded a template where Steps is used, and you want to custom the wording for your organization.

Could there e.g. be an option to "extend edits to ALL steps" in addition to "Edit settings for Step n" ?

Other user-friendly and intuitive ideas welcome!

Matilda Mäkitalo
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I think most obvious thing would be some kind of checkbox where you say "make changes to all steps" or then even earlier from ... menu choosing "edit settings on this step" / "edit settings on all steps". But this actually creates new kind of challenge that might be even more frustrating. See this example:

I have page with 8 steps. Then I have superchat on page, that has different settings between these steps. Then I notice horrible typo on the superchat title - and I need to fix it from all steps. I go to first step and edit the superchat, I correct the title and choose "make changes to all steps" and then save. What is expected to happen? Should all the steps have similar settings now? Did it just erase all my custom settings from 7 other steps I had configured?

So this kind of "multiedit" needs to be very carefully designed so that it doesn't end up overwriting things that were not intented. I don't see very easy UI for this, but I am very eager to hear other ideas on this.

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Under consideration

13.9.2023 08:45, Hanna Andersson

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