Show what page a login-link in a scheduled email is linked to

Louise 5.6.2024 14:08 Edited: 24.6.2024 11:07

I have this morning scheduled emails to 12 different groups, all to be sent at different dates and times, and all leading to different pages in the workspace. 

If I want to "proof read" my scheduled emails, make sure that the login-links lead to the correct page for each group, I cannot see this in "Show info" view. I have to go do "Edit" - and if I do this - the scheduled time jumps back to present time! 

So my suggestion is this: In the view "Show info" - it would be great if I also could see what page the link leads to! 



Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO, Howspace
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Under consideration

5.6.2024 14:08, Louise

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