Saving text edit options for the whole workspace

In our workspaces, we have ready made widgets with our organizations colors, text sizes etc. However, these edits disappear if you delete the example phrases with the edits or create a new widget. 

Would be awesome if the text eddits could be added to the workplace edit settings which currently have the main colors, title sizes and colors, button colors, etc. At least the color choices should be able to be saved to the color palette.

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Antti Peisa 28.9.2023 13:49 Edited: 29.9.2023 08:36

Hi Jutta

I think this is something that we are planning to solve with themes. Can you edit that idea with your spesific needs so they will be taken into account when we start the implementation?

Jutta Linna
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Great! I'll comment there.

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Currently not planned

28.9.2023 06:47, Jutta Linna

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