Possibility to link assignment widget to a evaluation field(s)

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Antti Peisa 24.5.2024 08:32 Edited: 24.5.2024 08:35

Currently if you use assignment widget to collect essays for example, you then have to go to evaluation on workspace manager to give the evaluation.

It would be great to have possibility to choose from assignment widget settings, that which evaluation fields relate to this assignment widget. Then when going through the given assignments, the admin can choose "Give an evaluation", which would then open a modal that shows something like this:

Give an evaluation for John Doe

Field A

Field B


Then the given values would be also shown directly on the assignment comment, so admin (and participant) can see that the evaluation has been given and what the grade was. 

Matilda Mäkitalo
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24.5.2024 08:32, Antti Peisa


4.6.2024 00:00

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