New API endpoints

A few ideas for endpoints to the API:

  • Create a new userlist
  • Delete a userlist
  • Get list of users in an exisiting userlist
  • Add users to a existing userlist
  • Edit existing profile field (multiple choice)
    • Add items to the profile field
    • Remove items from the profile field
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Thanks Oskari. All valid things to be considered as a part of our API.

Add users to a existing userlist

To me it looks like we are not returning anything regards the userlists with our user object currently, so dedicated endpoint might be a way to go. Another possibility would be so that in Update a Workspace User endpoint one could give also a list of userlists that you want the user to belong - it would handle removes also (leave the key out if you don't want to do any updates, give empty key to remove user from all userlists etc).

If we end up adding "Add users to a existing userlist", we need the corresponding remove endpoint too.

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Under consideration

10.5.2023 08:10, Oskari Heimonen

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