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It would be great to be able to hide & show pages by one simple click, without having to use timing on that page. Idea:

On the "list all pages" -page there could be a small icon in front of each page (for example an "eye-icon") and by clicking that icon the page would be hidden/shown to users.

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In the current version how you can do this:
- Click Edit menu and drag the page away from the menu or 
- Go to page settings and make it visible for admins only 

In the New Howspace we will have a new "Pages" page where you can move the page away from the menu with one click. 

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Susanna Keskinen 26.4.2024 06:55 Edited: 3.5.2024 09:20

Kiitos Ilkka! Tuo ensimmäinen olikin tiedossa, mutta voisimme testata tuota "visible for admins only". Hienoa, että uuteen versioon on tulossa tuollainen ominaisuus!

t. Susanna

Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO, Howspace
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22.4.2024 11:28, Susanna Keskinen


14.5.2024 00:00

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