Deleting containers with widgets

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Matilda Mäkitalo 19.6.2023 11:26 Edited: 22.6.2023 13:24

Having the ability to delete entire containers, along with their contents in various widgets, would be highly beneficial. In situations where we duplicate complex pages, there is often a need to remove outdated content, which can be a time-consuming process.

The current limitation of requiring the deletion of all widgets within a container before removing the container itself adds unnecessary steps and slows the cleanup process. Enabling the deletion of complete containers would significantly streamline the task of removing outdated content from duplicated pages, saving time and improving efficiency.

Important to include a proper warning on what we are deleting with the amount of user-generated comments/answers. 

Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO, Howspace
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19.6.2023 11:26, Matilda Mäkitalo


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