Add Time Zone to Booking widget!

This might be a crucial one for us working over many time zones during the IDG Summit. I haven't actually tested it, but am assuming since there is no selector that it is not entered - or is it?

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Antti Peisa 28.9.2023 05:15 Edited: 28.9.2023 07:19

All dates and times in Howspace should automatically match the local time of the user. So if I create event with booking widget that starts 13:00 in Finland, then my colleagues in Sweden will see that starting at 12:00 their time.

Of course it is a good practice to add for example UTC time there as written note also if event is global.

Matilda Mรคkitalo, Ola Jubelin, IDG
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Ola Jubelin, IDG 28.9.2023 07:23 Edited: 28.9.2023 13:48

Yes, thanks so much Antti.i was a bit quick to write before testing. My colleague in Toronto was happy to get the calendar booking in his local time zone. Great job ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

Antti Peisa
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27.9.2023 23:41, Ola Jubelin, IDG


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