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If we met at a networking event and you asked me: “So, what do you do?”, I might say “I am on a small talk detox.” A few years ago, I created a deck of Connection Cards to help my friends bond on a camping trip, and now they're being used to turn shallow conversations into deep connections on every continent around the globe. Since then, I have been running countless experiences that promote trust, vulnerabilty and create a sense of belonging. I love to turn a group of strangers into friends with playful activities and meaningful conversations. In the past few years, I ran hundreds of workshops and trainings with over 1,000 trainers, facilitators, educators, team leaders teaching them my lessons to create highly engaging, purposeful, inclusive and connecting learning experiences. Recently, I relocated from Canada to Germany to be closer to family and I am continuing to build a global community of trainers, facilitators and creators that create "Magical Human Moments". I hope you’ll join me on my mission to help people feel less alone and fuel the movement for deeper human connection.

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