Tip on how to use People widget

Louise 8.2.2024 07:15 Edited: 5.4.2024 12:35

If you work with Leadership/Employee development programs - and plan to offer the participants of the program a "personality assessment": Here is a Howspace-tip for you:  In a program I have been part of, Gallup Strenghts was used. The test will show a person's top 5 strengths. I created profile fields in Howspace to match these strengths, so the participants could learn about their colleauges' strengths in the personal profile. I also used the People widget with recommendation feature activated so the leaders could discover how well they matched with their colleagues. It came out really well. The total amount of possible strenghts in this test is 35. They are sorted into 5 main categories, and each category has a color. These colors can also be matched by using the Poll. Then you can see what color is the most/the least represented in the entire group. I like it when Howspace can be nicely intertwined with what is happening outside the platform! It would of course work with other types of tests as well. 

Matilda Mäkitalo, Antti Peisa, Antje Schubert, Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO, Howspace, Arttu Kotakorpi
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Matilda Mäkitalo 9.2.2024 12:19 Edited: 9.2.2024 14:18

Thank you for sharing this great tip! 💜

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Tip on how to use People widget

Started by Louise at 8.2.2024 07:15

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